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The Gregarious Conduct

Gregarious conduct is the tendency that the human machine has to mix with others, without distinction and without control of any type.

Let us see what one does when in a group or in multitudes. I am sure that very few persons would dare to go out into the street to throw stones at someone. However, when in a group, they do so. Someone can slip into a public demonstration and on being fired up with enthusiasm, ends up joining the masses in throwing stones, although later he will ask himself, why did I do it?

When in a group, the human being behaves very differently. He does things that he would never do when alone. What is this due to? It is due to negative impressions to which he opens the doors and he ends up doing things that he would never do alone.

When one opens the doors to negative impressions, he not only alters the order of the emotional center which is in the heart but he also makes it negative. One opens his doors, for example, to a negative emotion that a person brings full of anger because someone hurt him. Then, we end up aligning ourselves with that person, against the other who hurt him and also full of anger, without playing any role in the matter.

Let us suppose that one opens the doors to the negative impressions of a drunkard, one ends up accepting a drink, then two, three, ten. In conclusion, one ends up a drunkard also.

Let us suppose that one opens the doors to the negative impressions of a person of the opposite sex, one ends up most probably fornicating and committing all types of transgressions.

If we open the doors to the negative impressions of a drug addict, we end up maybe smoking marijuana or consuming some type of enervators. As a conclusion, failure will come.

In this manner human beings infect each other within negative atmospheres. Thieves make other persons into thieves. Murderers infect someone else. Drug addicts infect other people, and drug addicts, thieves, usurers, murderers, etc. multiply. Why? Because we commit the error of always opening our doors to negative emotions and that is never right. Let us select our emotions.

If someone brings us positive emotions of light, of beauty, of harmony, of happiness, of love, of perfection, let us open the doors of our heart to him. But if someone brings us negative emotions of hate, violence, jealousy, of drugs, alcohol, of fornication and adultery, why should we open the doors of our heart? Let us close them! Close the doors to negative emotions.

When one reflects on gregarious conduct, one can modify it perfectly and make something better out of life.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: The Revolution of the Dialectic