How do the grafts and the canned food influence the nourishment?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The modern super-civilized scientist believe that this thing of preserving edible products in hermetically closed cans, is something of these times, and they are unfortunately wrong.

Those kinds of essays were made in the ANCIENT TIMES, and they were abandoned since they were probed to be useless and dangerous for the health.

In the Asian continent there was an ARCHAIC COUNTRY unknown for history, the name of that country was MARALPLEICIE, the inhabitants of that ancient country competed back then with another contemporary country named TIKLIAMISH.

The traders or MARALPLEICIE enclosed preserved fruit in what was known as "SIKHARENENIANS CAONTAINERS".

Such types of containers were prepared with MOTHER-OF-PEARL finely ground, yolks of hen's eggs and a tail obtained from a fish called STURGEON CHOOZNA.

Those containers seemed beautiful jars of unpolished glass adorned with exotic oriental forms of marvelous colors and great beauty.

Their scientific studies allow them to verify that the food canned in this way turned poisonous for their organisms.

The multiple laboratory tests lead the Wise to the logic conclusion that the enclosed foods in hermetically enclosed containers become toxic.

The old wise men of that ancient country discovered that among many other bad things that the miserable consumers got to lose what is called the ORGANIC SHAME.

Then the governments acted with more sanity than the one that bloats up the Modern Governments of this tenebrous epoch in which we live.

Then the Government radically prohibited using hermetic containers to enclose food.

The containers of these modern times are worse than the containers old times. The canned food has brought serious illnesses to the human specie.

The active venomous elements of tin and other metals, contained in hermetic enclosed containers, it's clear that can't escape, they can't volatilize and come to blend with the canned food, due to what is called relationship of classes by the number of vibrations.

We are in the epoch of electronic and the study of the atom and that's why we should learn to think in terms of vibrations and atoms.

When the famous fruits preserved contained in those poisonous containers, penetrate in our organism, it's clear that they harm, sicken it.

The vegetable grafts and famous cans of fruit preserved are causing pretty serious damages to the human race, and what should we say about the canned sardines?

This poor human race marches through the path of the complete degeneration.

The Governments should study this serious problem of the canned containers and forbid the vegetable grafts.

It is necessary to fight for the health of the people. It is absurd to adulterate the fruits of the Earth.

In the fruits are not only the chemical elements that the scientists study, let's remember that we are in the epoch of the atom and electronic.

Let's remember that we are in the epoch of the study of Vibrations and Radioactivity.

There are Vital Radioactive principles in the fruits that are totally fundamental for the health of the beings.

It's a crime against the people, the fact of adulterating those vital principles.

The Social Transformation of the Humanity. Chapter 12. Samael Aun Weor.