According to the Gnostic Principles… Why abortion is a crime?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


Q- Venerable master, what do you think about abortion?
A – Abortion is a destruction of the work of Mother Nature. We know very well that Goddess Mother Nature works creating organisms. Every one of us carry her within ourselves, in our own psyche and is She who join the zoosperm and the ovum; She is who elaborates the primitive germinal cell with its 48 chromosomes; She is who gives the impulses for the genuine formation of the primitive germinal cell and because of this, the organism develops and become a creator archetype. Therefore, Mother Nature fights intensively to fix an organism and when someone destroys her work commit a crime and there is no way it could pass unnoticed by the GREAT LAW.
It would be absurd for the GREAT LAW to agree with this kind of destruction and naturally, it severely punishes to anyone who destroys the work of MOTHER NATURE. Therefore, the intentionally provoked abortion is a sanctioned homicide as what it is by the GREAT LAW.

Q – Master… and when occurs an involuntary abortion, it could be considered as Karma?
A – It is not always Karmic, because many times an ACCIDENT could provoke an abortion. It is Karmic sometimes, as in those cases when the woman starts to gestate a child and she fails again and again in her attempts.

Q – In general terms, what consequences will bring to the humanity the legalization of the abortion?
A – As the humanity is dedicated to the error and the abortion has been legalized and it is taken as a normal fact already official, this will bring a terrible Karma for the inhabitants of the Earth. It is clear that those who have not provoked abortions won’t have anything to pay for, but all of this in general will influence on the great catastrophes that are coming.

Samael Aun Weor. The Answers given by a Lama.