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Why do we have bad rulers?

Whoever can't govern himself, can't either govern the people. The current politicians don't know how to rule themselves; they are full of astuteness, egotism, hatred, covetousness, lust, envy, gluttony, drunkenness, etc., etc., etc.

It is absurd to vote for a candidate who can't rule himself, is stupid to choice a ruler who doesn't know how to rule himself. Whoever can't govern himself, won't be able to govern upon others.

The people has been victim of the rulers, they have been miserably deceived and we are not to blame anyone but ourselves.

If the individual is reflexive, if he studies the behavior of the candidate and he sees that is a drunk, glutton, greedy, liar, fornicator,  lustful, adulterer, etc., etc., and he does not give his vote for him, he will formidably contribute to save the world.

The mass is nothing but a sum of the individual, if the individuals do not choice a evil candidate, the mass will not choice him and this is how we will be safe from the bad governors.

The people has been and still are deceived by astute politicians which only desire is for pleasures , power and money, that's all.
We should not let us be deceived by the nice promises and the beautiful speeches  of the foxy politicians.

The evils ones of politic often have sparkling intellects and hide moral corruption.

The candidates to the high magistratures enjoy lying, promising wonders and never keeping their promises.

The civil servant of these times such as mayors, police captains, judges, governors, etc. are compelled to steal to have their superiors happy, they sell themselves and what's worse, they are forced to be sold so they don't lose their jobs, that's the tragic situation  of the human justice of this epoch.

The Social Christ. Samael Aun Weor.