What would we achieve by inversing the I and the other in the development of the conscious cooperation?

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The inversion of the I and the other is the basis of the human cooperation.

Shantideva said: "He who wants to quickly save the other and himself should practice the great secret: the inversion of the I and the other".

" The excessive love of the "I" makes us be afraid before the least danger: Who would not abhor that I so worrying as an enemy; that I that willing to fight the sickness, hunger and thirst, exterminates birds, fishes, quadrupeds and set himself as the enemy of every living being; that I that because of the love for profit and honors would get to kill Father and Mother and steal the patrimony of the three yogas, turning into fuel for the fires of the inferno."

"What sensible man would like to keep, love and preserve his body, turning it into an object of veneration, while seeing in it his enemy?"
"If I give. what will I have to eat? This egotism will make of you an ogre. If I eat, what would I have to give? This generosity will make of you a king of the Gods."

Anyone who makes other suffer will burn in hell, anyone who suffer for other has the right to every the happiness."

"The same ambition that carries tortures in the other world and the shame and stupidity in this one, if transfer to other produces celestial joy, glory, intelligence."

"The one who impose to other the task of working for him will have as retribution the slavery; the one who imposes to himself the task of working for other will have as reward the power.

"All the wretches, are like that for disturbing their own joy; all the happy ones are happy for having searched other's happiness."

"Why so many words? Compare only the fool attached to his own interest and the saint who works for other's interest."

"Certainly nobody would obtain the Buddha's dignity, nor even the joy in the world of transmigration, if he is not capable of exchanging his wellness for the other's sorrow."

"Without talking of the other world, is isn't our interest in this world compromised when the server don't make his work or when the master don't pay his salary?"

"Far from working for the common wellness, which is the beginning of happiness, in this world as in the other, men only search for harming between each other and they expiate this mislaying with terrible sufferings."

"All the catastrophes, all the pains, all the dangers in the world come from the attachment to the I; why would someone keep i?"

"He who doesn't get rid of the I can't avoid the suffering in the same way as he who doesn't get away from the fire can't avoid burning".

"Therefore, to soothe my pain and the other's pain, I deliver myself to others and adopt the others as me."

"I belong to the others, this should be your conviction. Oh heart of mine, the interest of all the beings should be from now on your only thought."

"It's not good that this eyes which are for the others see only in my favor; it's not good that this hands that belongs to others work in my favor."
"Worried only for the wellness of the creatures, everything you find useful in your body you should place it up to the service of others."

Really the only I that we the Gnostic could accept as our own is the I of the fellow. The suffering of the fellow, the fellow's pain.

The lions of the Law, the Lords of the Karma has no I, but consider as I each person, each fellow, each creature. They being so perfect have adapted themselves to the I of others of every person in the world and full of pain they exclaim: I am a thief, I am a fornicator, I am an adulterer, I owe so much karma.

The great beings adopt as I the I of the fellow human being.

No master of the humanity says: I am perfect, I am saint, I am powerful, etc., the perfect only say: "Each one of us is only a bad snail between the womb of the Father".

Jesus the Christ said: "Do not unto others what you do not want others to do unto you".

Really one gets astonished before the executioner, in no way would they want to be tortured. What's then going on? Why do they torture? Is needed to be sleeping to torture the fellow human being?... they are really sleeping, they have the Consciousness deeply asleep, that's all.

The inversion of the I and the other takes us to the conscious cooperation.

If we don't want the neighbor trade-man to affect us we should not affect him, let's not do unto other what we don't want the other to do unto us, to learn to cooperate is intelligence.

The inversion of the I and the other makes us understand the necessity of the conscious cooperation.

Samael Aun Weor, The Social Christ.