How can we be well related to money?

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When we comprehend our relationship with money then the pain of detachment and the frightful suffering produced by competition is ended.

It is not a case of renouncing money or being greedy for it. What is important is to know how to relate ourselves to it in the correct way.

We know of the case of a man that never had money. He visited people dedicated to spiritual studies and all of those people gave him food, clothes and shelter. This man said : "I don't need money because when I am hungry one of my friends will give me food. When I have thirst one of them will give me something to drink. If I need to travel someone will give me the fare. If I need to rest in some garden I sit in a seat in order to rest and the gardener works for me. The house owner has beautiful furniture so I can sit in it".

There is no doubt that this man was a tremendous egoist, in love with himself, always thinking in what others could give him but never thinking in giving or in making life better for others. This is how crime is also concealed amidst incense and prayer.

We should not fall into these kinds of errors. It is indispensable to learn to relate ourselves to money. We need money in order to cover our immediate physical necessities. Disgracefully necessity is transformed into greed. Today our relationship to money is based on greed.

We should learn to differentiate between our immediate physical necessities and our PSYCHOLOGICAL necessities. It is necessary to know where necessity ends and greed begins.

Today people do not content themselves with FOOD, CLOTHES AND SHELTER, they want to get money and more money for things that are not FOOD, CLOTHES AND SHELTER.

The PSYCHOLOGICAL I, realizing its own emptiness in misery wants to be big and great and in order to do this looks for more and more money.

The greedy suffer and cause suffering. They make life bitter for themselves and make life bitter for others.

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Christ