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According to Gnosis, what is the origin of the monkey?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

That the apes were born during the Mesozoic era, in the very epoch of the Miocene, third part of the Eocene, is absolutely nothing unusual. But our statements do not end there. Other species of monkeys also had their origin in Plato's Atlantis, which is nothing more than a simple myth for the fanatical materialistic lords of Pangea. However, Atlantis existed even though they deny it. It has already been discovered, although they oppose it. Anyone who has studied the ocean floor knows very well that a great platform still exists between America and Europe. Recently, precisely some scientists who discovered Atlantis, set out to explore it from Spain. However, it was the time of the Franco regime and it was not possible for them.

Atlantis is therefore not what is believed to be a fantastic legend. It had reality. The map of the world in another time was completely different, different. Everything is changing. Even the very Pangea of the anthropological materialists must have undergone tremendous changes.

There are those who believe that certain types of superior apes, or monkeys, we would say, like the gorilla, the chimpanzee come from Lemuria. There are also those who clearly affirm that the lower classes such as the catarrhine, the platyrrhine, etc., properly come from Atlantis. We will not object to this, but we do have to reflect, and deeply.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: Gnostic Anthropology.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

Today science is separated from mysticism. Mysticism without science has fallen into dogmatism and fanaticism, science without spirituality has become materialistic and atheistic. It is necessary for science and religion to interpenetrate each other to penetrate the wisdom of nature. Gnostic anthropology affirms that we come to find the origin of man in the higher dimensions of nature, and that the monkey is actually the result of the degeneration of humanities that preceded us; like the Lemurian and Atlantean races.

For this reason, the various species of apes have a great resemblance to the human race, they have limited cognitive abilities, the great apes are able to understand up to 5000 words of their caregivers, even when they do not use mimicry. The gorilla has psychological similarities with humans, so it is a symbol of knowledge, desire to learn and do. It reminds us that the new generations must learn from the old civilizations. The monkey is associated with agility. Intelligence, loyalty and joy; successful, creative, versatile, sociable. Between the Aztecs and Mayans; the monkey is associated with art, beauty, dance and harmony.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 94, Chapter: "The Monkey."