What I’s turn the customs into a world-size problem?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

We know the case of an honorable citizen that once he arrived to the airport of certain Latin-American country from Mexico and travelling to South America, was threatened gun in hand by a group of Customs Guards, who miserably robbed him all the money he was carrying, despoiling him too from some curious gifts he had bought for his family in the beautiful city of the Aztecs.

We know about sick people who are despoiled from their medicines when arriving to the customs barriers.

We know the cases of Father and Mothers who were despoiled by the Guards from the toys they got for their children when arriving to the customs border.

There is no respect for nobody in the customs barriers, we know the case of a very distinguished lady who was locked down with some other ladies who were travelling with her, and she and her travel companions were obligated to get completely naked, to search in their bodies and their clothes with the purpose of knowing if they were smuggling something.

Distinguished misses, honorable gentlemen are naked many times, threatened with gun in hand, despoiled from their money, clothes, etc. in the famous Customs.

In other times, when people used to travel by stagecoach or by horses or by feet, bandits assaulted travellers in the frontiers or close to them to rob them.

Now that system of road raiders got ULTRA-MODERNIZED. The raiders got uniforms and become legalized, before the bosses were elegant bandits, now the bosses are the very same Governments.

The Guards rob and it’s clear that they share the loot with their superiors; only in this way they have the right to continue their career as bandits.

The I of covetousness and assault, the I that distribute the loot with their partners, it’s the shame of the countries that call themselves DEMOCRATIC Countries.

There is always a pretext to steal: the gentleman who was despoiled from his money and the gifts he had for his family was told he was a thief, that what he was carrying was robbed; the gentleman was amazed frightfully by such a calumny because he was a humble farmer who never in his life has robbed not even a cigar.

Some other times the pretext is the tax and even though the TRAVELLER is disposed to pay such TAXES, and even though he complains and laments, everything is useless, it’s enough for the Guards to like the commodities he is carrying to assault, rob and many times threatened with pistols without mercy.

There is no difference between the “free countries” and the “communist countries” in this issue of the CUSTOMS BARRIERS.

The CUSTOMS BARRIES are the SHAME for the Democratic Nations; it’s absurd to assault, to vex, to insult, to humiliate, to rob the travellers, etc., etc., etc.

The Customs Barriers are useless except for enrich crews of uniformed bandits.

It’s stupid to interrupt the free transit of persons, and assault them with legal pretext; to assault is to assault and to rob is to rob, even though this crime has the tint of legality.

The crime of SMUGGLING has been created by the National and foreign Monopolies with the PURPOSE of ANIHILATING competition and get richer.

As long as the CUSTOMS exist, the free commerce will be absolutely impossible.

As long as the Customs exist, there could not be peace between nations.

As long as the Customs exist, there will be uniformed raiders assaulting travellers.

As long as the Customs exist, it won’t be possible to cheapen the cost of life.

Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt from the book: Social Transformation of the Humanity, chapter 35.