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How does an advanced society care for its children?


Answer from Master Samael Aun Weor.

Salvador asked them, how were the children on their Planet. And they answered him:

“In our world we do not see children on the street. From the time they are born they are under the patronage of what we can call the government, and this is in charge of their control until they reach the appropriate age. Then it classifies them according to their physical and mental qualities and they are assigned a certain place where they are needed.”

They speak in any type of language, they know all the regions of the world: their description and customs. On Venus there were wars and destruction, thousands of years ago. And all the ambitious and selfish political leaders were annihilated. Until one day equanimity arrived, the public administration changed completely and morality settled in all aspects. Now they are ruled by true sages who seek better food, clothing and uniform for education. There are no longer privileges. There is no term homeland or flag. They are educated both physically and mentally and spiritually, those who stand out take them where they can develop their skills.

Children grow up free, healthy and without complexes, they have a tattoo somewhere on their feet.

Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being", N.85. I was on Venus.