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How could be practiced the A-Himsa in thought, word and deed?

The religions should set the example; the religions should cultivate the A-Himsa; it is absurd for the religions to fight each other; all the religions have the same principles, all the Religions adore the Great Reality, that which has no name; all the Religions are precious stones linked in the gold thread of Divinity. The religions have the mission of conserving the eternal values. The A-Himsa should be cultivated at home following the path of the Perfect Matrimony. Only with the non-violence in thought, word and deed can the happiness reign at home. The A-Himsa should be the basis of the daily life, in the office, at the workshop, in the field, at the factory, at home, etc., we should live the doctrine of the Non-Violence.

Samael Aun Weor, The Social Christ.