What do represent the Holy Week in us?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Unquestionably, the Holy Week has very deep esoteric roots, because the initiate must work on the Lunar forces, and on the forces of Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The Logos unfolds itself in the seven regions according to the seven planets of the solar system.

The Flame must appear in the Physical body, must advance into the Vital body, must continue its passage through the Astral, must continue its journey through the world of the Mind, must arrive at the sphere of Venus in the Causal world, must proceed through the Buddhic or Intuitive world, and at last, on the Seventh day, it will arrive at the world of Atman, the world of the spirit. Then, the master will receive the baptism of the Fire that will transform him radically.

Obviously the whole Cosmic drama, as it is written in the four gospels, must be lived inside ourselves, here and now. This is not something merely historical; it is something to be lived here and now!

The three traitors who crucified Christ, who gave Him death, are inside ourselves. The Masons know them [Sebal, Hortelut y Stokin], we Gnostics also know them: Judas, Pilate, and Caiaphas.

Judas is the demon of desire that torments us. Pilate is the demon of the mind that has justifications for everything. Caiaphas is the demon of laziness that prostitutes the altar.

These are the traitors who crucified Christ for thirty coins of silver. The thirty coins of silver represent all the vices and passions of the world.
They traded Christ for a few bottles at the bar. They traded Christ for the brothel of the adulterous bed. They traded Christ for money and riches, and for the sensual life. They sold Christ for thirty coins of silver.

Dear brothers, remember that a multitude of people asked for the crucifixion of the Lord. All the multitudes yelled out, "Crucifixion! Crucifixion!" These are not the multitudes of 1969 years ago. No! These people who demanded the crucifixion of the Lord are inside ourselves here and now. I repeat, here and now! These are the psychic, inhuman aggregates that we carry in our interior. All are undesirable psychic elements that we carry inside, the red demons of Seth, living personifications of all our psychological defects.

They are the ones that cry, "Crucifixion, Crucifixion," and the Lord is rendered to death. Who whipped Him? Are they not the same multitudes we carry in our interior? Who are the ones that spit on Him? Are they not the same psychic aggregates that personify our defects? Who crowned Him with a crown of thorns? Are they not the same engenderers of the inferno which we have created?

The account of Christic history is not of yesterday, but of today. It is the present, not merely the past, as the illustrious ignorants believe; however, those who will understand will work for the Christification.

The Lord is elevated to Calvary, and on top of the majestic summits of Calvary will say: "He who believes in me shall never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. I am the bread of life. I am the living bread. Whoever eats from my flesh and drinks from my blood shall have eternal life, and I shall raise him from the dead in the last day. Whoever eats from my flesh and my blood, I live in him and he in Me." -The Lord bares no malice for anyone.-

"Dear Father, in your hands I commend my spirit." Once the grand words are pronounced, not other sound can be heard but thunder and lightning in the midst of internal cataclysms.

Once this opus of the spirit in the body is accomplished, the Christ or Christos, the Christus, Vishnu, the one who penetrates, will be deposited in its mystic sepulchre. I say unto you, in the name of truth and justice, that on the third day after, after this third act, the initiate will be raised and resurrected to be transformed into a perfect being.

Samael Aun Weor. The Cosmic Christ and the Holy Week.