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Why do our economic systems fail?

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being"..

… Ambition seeks to make itself felt, to stand out, to be remembered, admired, envied, “be someone”, be different, believe itself “superior”, it is the cause of many problems and conflicts between people, it is capable of divorcing the lovers, divide the brothers and lead the countries to war and destruction.

Ambition is the cause of theft, fraud, slavery. There is ambition in the capitalist who destroys nature to exploit its natural resources and in the socialist who starves his people to steal their savings in favor of "equality".

The economic system does not matter here, there is not one better than the other because it is the Ego of ambition that always seeks to take advantage over its peers in the system in which he lives.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 86, Chapter: "Ambition".