What does esoterically symbolize the Tiger or Jaguar?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The jaguar or American tiger is specially worshipped amongst the numerous indigenous tribes who populate those dense jungles from the Colombian, Venezuelan, Brazilian and Ecuadorian Amazonian region. The Huitores, Miranas, Muinames, Huahibos, etc., consider the tiger to be a sacred and untouchable animal to the point that if one of these natives comes across one of these felines, (in spite of being armed with bow and arrows, and on many occasions armed even with fiery weapons) they prefer to imprison their dogs and turn back, ignoring all of their affairs, before attempting anything against the jaguar. None of them would ever dare kill a jaguar or American tiger.

Every tribe from the Amazonian jungles is governed by two authorities: the administrative that is represented by the chief of the tribe and the spiritual that is incarnated by the Piachi (sorcerer in English), which we call Priests. The Natives from the Amazonian jungles do not kill the tiger because they know that the tiger is the incarnation of one of the Piachi of their tribe; in other words, the Piachi of their tribe can transform himself into a tiger, and can wander around within the jungles.

Ocelotl-Tonatiuh, sun of tigers, one of the twenty founders of Tenochtitlan, was the chief of the mystic tigers and Priest-Warrior of the Order of the Tiger Knights. These adepts passed through terrible ordeals before learning how to control their imagination and willpower to the point of being capable of transforming themselves into tigers.

Samael Aun Weor. Aztec Christic Magic