Why is the mind a very painful prison?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


There are schools that dedicate themselves to strengthening the mind. They offer correspondence courses; teach the unfolding of mental force, etc., however, all of that is absurd. It is not the fortifying of the bars on the prison we are in that is needed, but, rather to destroy them in order to know true liberty, which as I said, is not of time.

While ever we are in a prison of the intellect, we will not be capable of enjoying true liberty.

The mind herself is a very painful prison, no one has ever been happy with the mind.

To date I have not met one man who can be happy with the mind. The mind makes all creatures wretched, they are unhappy. The most joyful moments we have had in all our lives have always been in the absence of the mind, there has been an instant, yes, but one we can never forget in our life; in that second we have known that which is happiness, but it has only lasted a second. The mind does not know what happiness is, she is a prison!

We have to learn to dominate the mind, not somebody else's, but our own, if we wish to be independent of her.

It becomes indispensable to learn to look at the mind as something that we must dominate, as something that, so to say, we must tame. We remember that the Divine Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday; this donkey is the mind that we have to conquer. We must ride the donkey, not be mounted by him. Unfortunately, people are victims of the mind since they don't know how to ride the donkey. The mind is an excessively stubborn donkey, which has to be dominated if we really want to ride him.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: The Revolution of the Dialectic