What is the relationship between the loss of language and the human degeneration?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

It so true and real that since then the learned men continue by doing the same, adding to each one of those suspicious letters, this famous Roman heritage.

With the letter H, they wanted to replace many ancient letters that they could not understand anymore, even less pronounce them.

In front of the H, are written many letters coming from the Greek and ancient Latin; showed in the following way: Th, Ph, Gh, Sch, Kh, Dh, Oh.
Humanity not even remotely know how to pronounce the letters "Thet" and "Delta". The former as an expression of good and the later as expression of evil. Let's remember "Theos": God and the "Diamonion", which means the demon.

The notion and taste of the consonance of these two famous letters remained represented by the "Th" which not even remotely is close to the fundamental reality of these two archaic letters.

The English not even remotely feel the difference between these two letters and simply use the conventional sign with their famous "Th".

The English "Thank you" remember us the ancient letter "Thet" and when they articulate the word "There we immediately remember the old and archaic letter "Delta", even though they don't stop using, merciless, the paradoxical "Th".

Currently, the Chinese dictator, Mao, has reduced the Chinese alphabet.

There's no doubt that with materialism the number of letters and the speaking capacity of man is reduced.

When the man lose spirituality, when he get apart from eternal values, when he lose them, he plunge down through the path of the most frank degeneration and devolution.

Nowadays it's much what people say about Esperanto, an Universal language is longed and many believes that the Esperanto could become such language.

Really this of the Esperanto as the Universal language is pure fantasy, nonsense of a fantastic dreamer.

The desired universal language is only possible to posses when we have regenerate ourselves. Currently the human race it's totally degenerated.

The anti-religious Marxist doctrine, is only useful to precipitate the degeneration of the human race.

When the eternal values of the spirit are lost, the degeneration becomes absolutely inevitable.

The Marxist doctrine has to lead the man inevitable to a smaller number of pronounceable letters. if the Marxism really gets to rule the world, we would see after many centuries the human race making sounds like those of the chimpanzees, oran-goutang and gorillas, the speech capacity would inevitable be lost.

The materialism produces total degeneration and devolution.

The Social Christ, chapter 59. The Language. Samael Aun Weor