How do we use the Law of Analogies to interpret our dreams?

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dreamsWe must seek the basic science of interpretation of dreams in the Law of Philosophical Analogies, the Law of the Opposite Analogies and the Law of Correspondence and Numerology.
The astral images reflected in the magical mirror of imagination can never be translated literally, for these are only the symbolic representation of archetypal ideas. They must be utilized in the same way as a mathematician uses algebraic symbols. Furthermore, we can say that such ideas come down from the Pure World of the Spirit. The archetypal ideas descending from the Being become marvelous, for they inform us either about the psychological status of any centre of the
[human] machine, about esoteric or intimate matters, or about possible successes or dangers, etc. These are always wrapped in the marvelous cover of symbolism. It is possible to unveil any of the astral symbols, scenes, or figures — with the goal of taking out their essential ideas — only by means of the correlative and logical meditation of the Being.

Samael Aun Weor. The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac.

Inspiration. When we learn to interpret the symbolic images of the internal worlds, we have then arrived at Inspired Knowledge. Internal images are interpreted by basing ourselves on the Law of Philosophical Analogies, on the Law of the Analogy of Opposites, on the Law of Correspondences, and the Law of Numerology. What does an enemy resemble? A furious bull. What does the rain look like? Tears.

Samael Aun Weor. The Greater Mysteries.