What is the Esoteric Teaching of the Sign Scorpio?

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THE GREAT HIEROPHANT JESUS CHRIST told NICODEMUS, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the KINGDOM OF GOD.”

It is necessary to be born of water and the spirit in order to be able to enter the KINGDOM of ESOTERICISM, the MAGIS REGNUM.

It is urgent to Be Born again in order to have the full right to enter the KINGDOM. It is urgent to become TWICE-BORN.

This matter of the SECOND BIRTH was not understood by NICODEMUS and neither has it been understood by all BIBLICAL sects. It is necessary to have studied comparative religion and have the KEY of the ARCANE A.Z.F. if we truly want to comprehend the words of JESUS to NICODEMUS.

The different Biblical sects are fully convinced that they really comprehend what to be born again means and interpret it in the most varied of ways, but certainly, even if they possess much Biblical erudition and document one verse with another, and try to explain one verse with another, or other verses, the reality is that they do not understand it if they do not possess the SECRET KEY, the ARCANE A.Z.F.

NICODEMUS was wise, he knew the Holy Scriptures profoundly and yet, he did not understand and said, “How can a man BE BORN when he is old? Can he enter the second time into his mother’s womb, and BE BORN?”

JESUS, the GREAT KABIR then gave NICODEMUS a MAYAN type of answer, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the KINGDOM of GOD.”

It is clear that the one who does not have information other than that of the dead letter, the one who does not understand the double significance of the Biblical verses, the one who has never known the ARCANE A.Z.F., interprets these words of the GREAT KABIR in his own way with only the information that he possesses and believes that with his sect’s baptism or something similar, the problem of the SECOND BIRTH is already resolved.

For the MAYAS, the SPIRIT is LIVING FIRE and they say, “We must unite what is above with what is below, by means of the water and FIRE.”

HINDU BRATHMINS symbolize the second birth sexually. In their LITURGY, a large GOLDEN COW is constructed and the candidate to the SECOND BIRTH has to pass through the hollow body of the COW three times, by dragging himself, exiting through the VULVA and thus remains consecrated as a true BRAHINAN-DWIPA, or TWICE-BORN, once of his MOTHER and another of the COW.

It is in this manner that the BRAHMINS symbolically explain the SECOND BIRTH taught by Jesus to NICODEMUS.

We have already said in preceding chapters, that the COW represents the DIVINE MOTHER, but the interesting thing is that the BRAHMINS call themselves TWICE-BORN and their second birth is sexual, born of the COW and exited from within her womb through the VULVA.

This matter is very thorny and the LUNAR RACE mortally hates it; they prefer to kill the COW and then insult everyone who talks about the MYSTERIES OF SEX and the ARCANE AZ.F.

The BRAHMINS are not TWICE-BORN, but symbolically they are. Neither is the MASTER-MASON TRULY, a MASTER, but symbolically he is.

The interesting thing is to reach the SECOND BIRTH and the problem is one hundred percent sexual.

Whoever wants to enter that land of the FOURTH DIMENSION, in those JINAS valleys, mountains and temples, in that Kingdom of the TWICE-BORN, must work with the ROUGH STONE, chisel it, give it shape, as we would say in Masonic language.

We respectfully need to lift that MARVELOUS STONE which separates us from the LAND of the ONE THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS, from the land of marvels where the TWICE-BORN live happily.

It is impossible to roll the STONE, lift it, if we have first not given it a cubic shape with the chisel and the hammer.

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