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What is the deep symbolism of water in ancient cultures?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

The pure Waters of Life are the basic element of regeneration. When the Buddha was meditating, struggling against the Three Furies, “Mara” unleashed a storm. The water was already at the point of drowning the Buddha when a Serpent appeared and placed itself beneath the seated Buddha. That Serpent coiled itself three and a half times and as the water rose, it rose also; this represents the Divine Mother, and the Buddha did not drown.

Regeneration is not possible without the Waters of Life, and the Son of Man comes from within these Waters of Life.

It is good to have a deep understanding of the esoterism of these sacred things, but truly to understand them. Remember the Fish; it is life which is born and dies in the waters.

Let us not forget the case of the Fish Dan of the Chaldeans; it represents the same, the Christ coming forth from the Waters, the Son of Man being born of the Waters.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: The Perfect Matrimony.

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

But if we go to the cultures we find that among the Mayans, for example, they knew that nature is not something mechanical, that it is governed by superior intelligent principles, and one of its main deities is the god Chaac, associated with water and especially with the rain. His people invoked him to obtain good harvests and it was said that this god lived in caves or cenotes, which were also the entrance to the underworld. He was represented as an old man with a long-curved nose, carrying an ax that represents thunder or lightning.

But in an internal aspect they knew that if water is the symbol of life for the planet, within us water is the energy that brought us into existence and with the representation of its nose tilted upwards they indicated that it is a symbol that the energy must be transmuted to a higher level, that is why they gave it four aspects also related to the four cardinal points, each one characterized by the four colors of medieval alchemy as we have been talking about, which are the levels of purification in the process of inner development, black, white, yellow and red.

All this alchemical knowledge starting from the raven invites us to the wise use of our creative energy to be able to advance internally.

And it is that using this energy correctly we can understand that phrase that exists inside the pointed basilica of Notre-Dame de Lépine (Marne) a miraculous well, called Well of the Holy Virgin and in the middle of the choir of Notre-Dame de Limoux (Ande), a similar well whose water is said to cure all illnesses and on which this inscription can be seen:

Omnis qui bibit hanc aquam, si fidem addit, salvus erit (As many as drink this water, if they also have faith, they will enjoy good health).

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 93, Chapter: "The Crow."