Why we don't have Continuity of Purposes?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Really, the human being cannot have continuity of purposes because he does not have the PCC, he is not an individua l and he has an I which is a sum of many small ‘I’.

Many are those who await the eternal Beatitude with the death of the physical body, however, the death of the body does not resolve the problem of the ‘I’.

Beyond death, the loose cathexis —the ego— continues enveloped in its molecular body.

The human biped ends but the loose cathexis continues, the energy of the ego in its molecular body and then, later, the ego perpetuates itself in our descendants, it returns to satisfy its desires and to continue the same tragedies.

The hour has arrived to comprehend the necessity of producing within us a definite Integral Revolution in order to establish the PCC, a Permanent Center of Consciousness; it is only in this manner that we individualize ourselves, it is only in this manner that we cease being legion, it is only in this manner that we become conscious individuals.

The man of today is similar to a ship full of many passengers, each passenger has his own plans and projects. The man of today does not have a single mind, he has many minds.

Each ‘I’ has its own mind.

Fortunately, within the human biped exists something else, the Essence. Reflecting seriously on said principle, we can conclude that this is the most elevated psychic material with which we can give shape to our Soul.

By awakening the Essence we create a Soul to awaken the Essence is to awaken Con&.

To awaken consciousness is equivalent to creating within us a PCC. Only the one who awakens consciousness becomes an individual, however, the individual is not the end, later, we have to reach super- individuality.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt  from the Book: The Revolution of the Dialectic