How do the excessive logging and extinguishing the species of animals affect in the vibratory level?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

How do the excessive logging and extinguishing the species of animals affect in the vibratory level?

Does the human specie ignore that everything that exists has a reason for being; the INTELLECTUAL ANIMALS don't want to understand that everything is Vibration, energy, undulation.

Life exists because of the vibration; it is sustained by the vibration and stop existing by any oscillatory unbalance.

From the infinite cosmic space descend to the Earth millions of COSMIC RAYS which are received by millions of antennas that live in the Earth's surface.

Each plant according to its specie, each tree according to its family, captures, assimilates, picks up specific types of cosmic energies that later transforms unconsciously and then transmits it to the anterior layers of the planetary organism in which we live.

Certain animals captures a special type of cosmic energy and other animals another types of energies.

There's no animal creature that doesn't have an important role n the field of the energetic economy of the planetary organism.

Every animal is a little machine that transforms energy, from this law we can't exclude the INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL. This one picks up certain type of forces that later unconsciously transforms and transmits to the anterior layers of the Earth.

The Earth is a living organism and it really needs each and every one of its creatures to be able to live in the concert of worlds.

There are families of vegetables and animals that transform the energies of the planet Earth and for the planet Earth.

There are families of vegetables and animals that transform solar energies necessary for the life of the planetary organism.

There are families of vegetables and animals that transform energies from the Infinite Cosmos that later transform and adapt for the needs of the Earth.

The devastators of woods and hunters should be taken to the tribunals of justice and be judged according to the Law.

There are several types of murdering, there are fratricides, Matricides, Uxoricides, Infanticides, etc., etc., etc. but the most coward murdering is the one of the hunter who coldly and with infamous astuteness shots his shotgun against the Nature's precious creatures that offends no one and give joy to life.

Whoever kills animals from the woods attempts, in fact, against the equilibrium of the planetary organism because each creature of Nature is indispensable for the world's economy.

Even though many would mock of this, the outcome of hunting often are the epidemics, draughts, cyclones; etc., etc., etc.

The Earth is a living organism and each one of its creatures fulfills inside the planetary organism in which we live, the specific functions that each human organ fulfills inside the human organism.

Each living creature is a transformative of energies, each type of energy is necessary for the functionalism of the planetary organism.

The ministry of agriculture should monitor and protect the woods. It is necessary cultivate certain lands and protect the best woods, if we really don't want to exhaust the resources of the land.

Eradicating the woods and destroying the living species means in fact to turn the land in a GREAT DESERT.

Whoever destroys the woods and kills the creatures of Nature truly are mental unbalanced people, dangerous people who should be locked up in mental institutions or in SPECIAL REFORMATORIES.

It's unconceivable for a judicious mind to see many hunters running through the wood with a shotgun in hand, shooting against defenseless creatures who have never caused any harm and who moreover, are indispensable for the good operation of the planetary organism in which we are living.

It's unconceivable to see many greedy people logging woods mercilessly, with the only purpose of becoming rich and powerful.

The Earth is a very delicate organism and if we destroy it we cause more harm to us.

The Earth is a precious organism that deserves to be taken care of because we all live in it, it is absurd to allow some foolish to destroy our beautiful abode.

It's unfair to allow the whole human kind to be a victim of many calamities which cause is found in the Nature's destroyers.

The hunters and the woods' destroyers are criminals of the worst kind.

Samael Aun Weor. Social Transformation of the Human Kind. Chapter 11