What is the Division of the Attention and what it’s useful for?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


We have to divide the attention into three aspects:

Subject – Object – Place

We have to divide the attention in three aspecs, we need to comprehend the deeply meaning of the moment we are acting in; for instance: observe carefully a movie fan; he is asleep on his seat, ignores everything, he ignores him-self, he is hollow, he looks like a sleepwalking, he’s dreaming with the movie, he has forgotten him-self, he has fallen in the profound dream of the fantasy; he ignores that he exist, who is he.

The conscious attention excludes what is called identification. When we become identified with the persons, with the things, with the ideas, then the fascination comes and this last one produces the dream of the Conscience.

We have to ask ourselves inside: Who am I? (Subject); one must ask consciously to oneself, to know that one exists, to touch oneself, to feel oneself. Then, next, object: One have to realize what is doing, for in this way we don’t fall in the mistake of sleep our consciousness: one must ask the reason of the action, for instance: what am I doing? This must be done mentally.

Then it comes the third aspect, which it’s place: It is vitally important to ask oneself the place where one is, one must observe the things surrounding, the colors of the things.

The fascinated human being doesn’t remember himself. We must self-remember to ourselves from instant to instant. We need to remember ourselves in the presence of every representation that could fascinate us.

Let’s stop in front of every representation asking ourselves: Who am I? What am I doing? And then ask: Am I in the physical plane or am I out of my body? It’s logical that if the people live sleeping day and night cannot know the astral state, they cannot distinguish the third dimension from the from the fourth dimension, this is the dream’s world; one never will be able to know while one doesn’t practice the awakening of the consciousness. By dividing the attention in the three aspects we’ll manage enter consciously in the dream’s world, there we’ll find the answer that we’ve always needed to fill the interior emptiness.

Realize that in the astral or dream’s world, the things look like they do here in the physical plane. People during the dream and after the death see everything there so similar as in the physical world that they don’t even suspect they are out of the physical body.

Here we have clearer example of the first aspect:


Maria Luz Fajardo makes her the question of the Subject. And to realize that she exists in any dimensions she observes carefully and touch her body with the purpose of beeing sure and not to fall in the fascination.

All the mistakes that the human being commit during his life are done because he forgets himself, then he becomes identified, he becomes fascinated and falls into the dream.

The second aspect: OBJECT.

Maria Luz asks herself what’s her objective, what is she doing. Every person who wants to practice the three aspects, should ask him/herself consciously, for instance: if he’s working, he will say: I’m working; if he’s eating, he will say: I’m eating, etc. etc.

This gives us a clearer reason to be sure of what we’re going to do, and not be wrong. We have to make ourselves the question related to the third aspect of the division of the attention which corresponds to PLACE mentally. We have to be conscientious by asking ourselves: where are we? Because many times we are in a beach and our mind is in the work’s problems: therefore we don’t realize where we are.

Samael Aun Weor. The Awakening of the Man.