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What are the benefits of following the positive serpent versus the negative serpent?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

There are two snakes; one is the Tempting Serpent of Eden; another is the Copper Serpent that healed the Israelites in the Desert. When the Serpent rises, it is the Serpent that coiled around the rod of Asclepius, the God of Medicine. When the Serpent descends, it is Python, the serpent that crawled in the mud of the earth and that Apollo, irritated, wounded with his darts.

When the serpent rises, it fortifies the Soul, strengthens it and fills it with all the powers of the Holy Spirit. When the Serpent descends, it kills the Soul and Strengthens and Fortifies and fills Satan with Dark Powers. Thus, the man becomes a Frightful and Horrible Beast that is precipitated into the Abyss.

Gnosis 20th Century

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

Like electricity, sexual energy has two poles, positive and negative, masculine and feminine. “Sexuality is not only in our sexual organs, but in our entire body, and in the entire universe. At every atomic point in space. She is the cause of electricity.” In magnetism, equal poles repel each other, and opposite poles attract each other and those who know about electricity understand that the current flows thanks to two poles, which has been masterfully represented through the serpent and its duality. In the sacred scriptures, the positive pole is mentioned as the serpent that healed the Israelites in the desert, while the negative pole is represented by the tempting serpent of Eden. Both serpents, representations of the sacred fire, are coiled around the staff of the caduceus of Mercury, a symbol of medicine and are called Idá and Pingala. The positive serpent must fight to dominate the negative serpent. In the stone of the Sun or Aztec calendar, the two serpents descend to give rise to creation, symbolizing the struggle between light and darkness.

In Jeremiah (21:8), it says: "Behold, I set before you two paths: the path of life and the path of death." Because the sacred fire can be used by the human being to regenerate or to sink into darkness. The man and the woman are in the middle of the struggle between good and evil, they ascend when they manage to transform desires and passions into love and they descend when they are carried away by bestial instincts and fornication (misuse of sex). Clearly the fight between good and evil has leaders and followers and has not ceased since leaving paradise until today. The tenebrous defend the misuse of sex, while those who know the mysteries of the serpent show the way to the perfect marriage.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 93, Chapter: "The Serpent."