How can the big corporations affect the economy of a Country?

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In the background, the big corporations form the true governments that are hidden behind the nominal governments. The nominal governments are practically in fact directed by the big corporations. In such a way it happens that the tenebrous brotherhood control the Governments and the people.

We met a great corporation that practically had managed to monopolize all the essential goods in a certain country. Before that corporation existed, people bought the corn very cheap in the markets and there was no hunger. Nowadays only those with great money can buy that product because said Corporation has it monopolized. Nobody but The Corporation, has a right to buy it and to sell it, she puts the price on it, she manipulates it unjustly. In former times Independents, grinding the delightful grain, worked their own mills; Now in that unhappy country, already all the mills are controlled by the said Corporation, and the poor people have to buy the product at their great prices.

That corporation has brought famine to that country. Many times he buys all grains to fill his granaries, and later he sells it to foreign countries. With their unconceivable profits, massively inflating the product's value, the wicked product of the crime replaces the local merchandise as the corporation buys from outside the country grains of the worst quality for their own benefit. The common people, in the poor people's towns they do not eat the grain that they harvest there, instead the people eat the foreign grain, the worst quality grain, that with which our grandparents fattened pigs.

The big Corporations exploit the crude oil wells and ruin the land's subsoil. In certain South American country we saw how natives were taken away by the foreign bailiffs when they dared to go inside in a petroleum-bearing region exploited by a great foreign corporation. So these natives being citizens of a sovereign and independent country, did not have a right to travel across their own ground,  the sacred land of their parents. This in fact is in fact already an attempted murder against the independence and sovereignty of the liberated nations.

Sleazy homosexual dives in the heart of these sovereign countries are created by the said class of corporations. This is the way that these nations lose their independence and become slaves.

The big corporations ruin the nations and they take away their independence. The big corporations monopolize essential goods and bring famine to the people. The big corporations buy all the harvests; They put them in their granaries and resell them to the hungry towns, or they negotiate them with foreign countries.

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Christ.