How should we use technology in the field in equilibrium with Nature?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The industrialization of LATINAMERICA is not incompatible with the efficient development of the primary production.

LATINAMERICA needs modern machinery, work instruments and enough technicians to develop the industry and raise the level of life.

If Latin America wants to raise the level of life, it needs to take advantage of all the progress of the modern technique and produce technicians in large-scale.

Also it's needed to intensify the agriculture  and industrialize the field taking advantage of all the advances in the modern technique.

In the countries where the income per capita is under one hundred dollars, the added value by the companies of the primary sector represents a high percentage of the national income above 40 percent, while the tertiary sector represents a thirty percent more or less, and the secondary sector less than twenty percent. This is why the agriculture is so important in all the developing countries.

The income of the country people (exploited and humiliated people by the powerful ones), is lower than the citizens of the other sectors in the nations.

Half the national income corresponds to the eighty or ninety percent of the agricultural population.

The agrarian structures of Latin America are inadequate for the new age, an agrarian transformation and  a very good technique are needed to wisely use all the natural resources.

The low agricultural productivity and the low occupation for the country men are due to the awful agrarian structures.

One thing is the agrarian resources and another thing is the capital. The natural resources have their situation and the geographical extension.

Really the natural resources have the characteristic of exhausting in any sense.

The capital may not exhaust, a capital could be saved for indefinite time without exhausting, a million dollars can be saved in a bank for a long time without wasting and earning interests.

Whereas the natural resources in the long run get exhausted, any oil well gets exhausted, any silver, gold or copper mine runs out at the end.

The farming lands get poorer and runs out, the fish population have a limit and at the end, because of their shortage have prohibitive prices.

The technological processes are inconceivable without the material resources, these resources have variable grades of fabrication and transport until turning into consumer goods and services.

The economic activity is connected with all the industries of resources, if we want to improve the economic situation of all the LATINAMERICAN countries  we need to industrialize them a large scale.

Chapter 4 Industrialization of Latin America. The Social Transformation of the Humanity. Samael Aun Weor.