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How to increase self-awareness?

Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

Gnosis teaches us that we live in a very small part of ourselves, that our consciousness extends to a very reduced part of our psyche, the idea of ​​Gnostic work is to expand that consciousness through a direct observation of our own psychology.

We require from time to time to make conscious efforts and voluntary sacrifices through different renunciations to forge ourselves in the esoteric discipline, if we do not put knowledge into practice, we will only be intellectual parrots of gnosis that we will know by heart the teacher's books Samael but without the direct experience of the Self.

We need self-observation to acquire esoteric discipline, if we do not observe ourselves we do not know for which defects to start working, if we do not know where to start, where are we going to go? If we do not realize that we are lazy, if not we know which defects to begin with, it is not possible to put ourselves to work esoterically by not realizing the defects that prevent us from internal work.

In practical life, while we interact with our peers we will always find people who make us react psychologically, it is in such moments that we must forge our own esoteric discipline, in full mystical stalking we can self-discover our defects.

Now, when we have fully identified them, we must take time to understand each of these weaknesses in a disciplined way and then turn to the superior forces of our divine inner mother to eliminate them.



The Wisdom of Being Magazine 87, Chapter: "The Psychological Self-Observation".