How can we experience the Truth?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Many people don’t believe in GOD and many people are atheist, do not believe in GOD. There are also many individuals who neither believe nor don’t believe, these seek to behave in life in case there is a GOD.

We say the believing in GOD doesn’t mean having experienced that which is GOD.

We say that denying GOD doesn’t mean having experienced that which is the TRUTH, that which is called GOD.

We say that doubting the existence of GOD doesn’t mean having experienced the TRUTH.

We need to EXPERIENCE that which can transform us radically, that which many call GOD, ALAH, TAO, BRAHATMAN, etc., etc., etc.

The mind of the BELIEVER is bottled up in the INCREDULITY and this last one neither is experience of what’s Real, God, the Truth or however we want to name the DIVINITY.

The mind of the one who doubts of the existence of GOD is bottled up in the skepticism and this one is not the TRUTH.

What it IS, that which is the TRUTH, GOD, ALAH or whatever we want to name it is very different to BELIEVING, to DENYING, and to THE SKEPTICISM.

That which is the REALITY has nothing to do with the three factors of BELIEVING, DENYING and SKEPTICISM.

As long as the mind is bottled up in any of these three factors aforementioned, it can’t experience THAT which the CHINESE call the TAO, THAT which is DIVINE, THAT which is the TRUTH, GOD, ALAH, BRAHATMAN, etc

Whoever has once experienced THAT which can’t be defined because if it’s defined it gets disfigured, THAT which some call GOD, it’s clear that pass through a radical, total and definitive transformation.

When Pilate asked Jesus: What is the TRUTH? He kept silence and when BUDDHA was asked the same, he turned his back and leaved.

The whole World can opinate about the TRUTH but the TRUTH has nothing to do with the opinions.

The TRUTH has nothing to do with the thought, the TRUTH is somenthing that we should experience in the absence of the I.

The TRUTH comes to us as a thief in the night and when we least expect it. Really the TRUTH is something very paradoxical. THE ONE WHO KNOWS IT DOESN’T SAY AND THE ONE WHO SAYS DOESN’T KNOW IT.

The TRUTH is not something still, static, the TRUTH is the unknown from moment to moment.

The TRUTH is not a finish line where we have to get to, the TRUTH is hidden in the deepth of every problem of the daily life, es like the SUN, it shines behind the dark clouds of our personal defects.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: The Social Transformation of the Humanity.