What are the causes of the failure of the Unions?

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We need every individual to be sincere with himself; let's not search for the causes of failure outside us. Inside us are the causes of failure of any organization.

If inside the individual there is selfishness he will not cooperate  and the failure of the union will be unavoidable. If inside the individual there is anger, he will create inside the union enmities and chaos. If inside the individual there is covetousness, he will exploit his co-workers from the union; if inside the individual there is gossip, so he will fill the union with gossiping and bitterness.

The leader that gets rich at his fellows' expenses is created by each one of his co-workers, he is the outcome of the errors that exist inside each co-worker.

The most serious mistake is to believe that the cause of the failure is in the fellow. All the co-workers of the union blame others for the failure and no one wants to recognize that the cause of the failure is inside each one.

We need to learn to be more sincere, we need to struggle to change internally for the benefit of others. All our fellows benefit when each one of us change internally.

We need to stop being lukewarm, we must finish the anger, covetousness, lust, pride, laziness, gluttony and envy. Each one of those horrifying defects brings bitterness and desolation to every social organizations.

It is urgent to understand that the I sabotages completely good intention of the unions.

We need to dissolve the I to build a better world.

It's a mistake to become the victims of our  own invention. The workers became the victims of their own invention when they delivered the union to the capitalists.

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Christ.