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In what way do we work with Morpheus, the part of our Being, to travel in astral body?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

Unquestionably, each one of the isolated parts of our Real Being performs certain functions, and it is precisely Morpheus (do not be confused with Orpheus) who is in charge of educating us in the mysteries of dreams.
It would be more than impossible to draw a scheme of the Being; however, all the spiritualized, isolated parts of our common presence want the absolute perfection of their functions.
When we focus on Morpheus, he rejoices at the brilliant opportunity we offer him.

It is urgent to have faith and know how to pray. We must ask Morpheus to enlighten us and awaken us in the supersensible worlds.

Samael Aun Weor. The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac.


Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

We will ask our Inner Parents to help God Morpheus come to us to help us achieve the Astral projection.

First, we must lie in supine position, we will turn off the lights, and we will place our hands on the solar plexus and our eyes closed, we will remain still and we must be attentive as lookouts in times of war so that we have 50% sleep and 50% of the waking state. We must free ourselves of tensions, worries, or everything that may disturb our sleep, that is why physical and mental relaxation is very important, prior to our practice.

Once we have relaxed our physical body and our mind, we will concentrate with faith and devotion to invoke Morpheus, the God of Dreams and when we find ourselves in a state of drowsiness, then we will adopt the "Lion Posture", we will place ourselves on the right side, supporting the left leg on the right, with our head pointing North, we place our legs bent. We will put our right cheek on the palm of the right hand and let our left arm rest on the leg on the same side.

And with great faith and devotion we will ask Him to help us with the exit in Astral body. All this with a lot of patience and above all faith.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 88, Chapter: "The Being and the Travels in the Astral Body".