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What do represent the Virgins of every religion?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

The Blessed Goddess Mother of the World is that which is called Love. She is Isis, whom no mortal has ever unveiled; in the flame of the Serpent, we adore her.

All the Great Religions worshipped the Cosmic Mother; she is Adonia, Insobertha, Rhea, Cybele, Tonantzin, etc., etc., etc.

The devotee of the Virgin Mother can ask; the Sacred Scriptures say, “Ask and thou shalt be given, knock and it shalt be opened.”


The Divine Mother is very close to her son; she is within the very Inner-Self of each of us and it is of her, precisely of her, that we should ask for help in the difficult moments of existence.

Samael Aun Weor. Esoteric Tratise of Hermetic Astrology


Answer from the Magazine "The Wisdom of the Being".

The knowledge that we find in this constellation of Virgo lies in the relationship with that divine inner part that we must look for within ourselves and that we call our Divine Interior Mother: All the great religions worshiped the interior Mother; she is Adonia, Insoberta, Rhea, Cybele, she’s Isis among the Egyptians, Tonantzin among the Aztecs, Kali or Parvati, the wife of Shiva, the unmanifested Prakriti. All the cultures of the world speak of the primordial waters from which the world, human beings, the four elements and the entire universe emerge. Those waters of every genesis, is the great Cosmic Mother represented by Virgo or the virgin.

The zodiacal sign of Virgo comes to deliver the teaching of the Divine Mother, because as it governs her womb, it’s associated with the root of everything that exists.

It is interesting that not only the master Jesus was born of a virgin, the same happens in the Popol Vuh with the virgin Ixquic from whom the divine twin heroes are born, moreover in the Mexican myth of the birth of the Left-Handed Colibri (Huitzilopochtli) that He is also born miraculously when his mother keeps feathers fallen from heaven in her womb.

These are the mysteries that Virgo teaches us, that we all have a particular Cosmic Mother, that there are as many mothers in heaven as there are human beings on Earth; a divine being that protects, cares, illuminates and heals us if we allow it.

Virgo, in her esoteric teaching, invites us to return to the lost path, to return to the womb of our mother nature, respecting her wisdom and designs; to seek her within our psychological depths, for she can eliminate our already understood defects; to see in each woman the possibility of God the Mother expressing herself, therefore, as a daughter, mother, sister, wife, it is a lived verse, as the teacher Samael tells us: “Blessed be the woman and blessed are those who adore her.”

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 89, Chapter: "Virgo".