What psychological elements cause the wars?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

When chicks are afraid they hide under the loving wings of a hen in search for security.

A frightened child runs to find his mother because beside her he feels secure.

This demonstrates that FEAR and the search for SECURITY are found intimately associated.

A man that fears being assaulted by assailants finds security in a gun.

A country that fears being attacked by another country buys cannons, planes, warships it will arm armies and prepare for war.

Many people who do not know how to work, are terrified when faced with misery; they search for security in crime by becoming thieves or assailants.

Many women who lack intelligence are frightened when faced with the possibility of misery and become prostitutes.

A jealous man who fears losing his wife, searches for security in his gun, he kills and afterwards ends in jail.

A jealous woman kills her rival or her husband and, in this way, becomes a murderer.

She fears losing her husband and wanting to secure him she kills another woman or resolves to kill him.

A landlord fearful that people will not pay him the rent demands contracts, bonds, deposits, etc., wanting to ensure himself. If all the landlords of a city do the same, a poor widow with children who cannot fulfill those heavy requirements will have to sleep on the street or in the city's parks with her children.

All wars have their origin in fear.

The gestapo, torture, concentration camps, Siberias, horrible prisons, exiles, forced labor, firing squads, etc., have their origin in fear.

Nations attack other nations because of fear. They search for security in violence, thinking that by killing, invading, etc., they can make themselves secure, strong and powerful.

In the secret police offices of counterespionage, both East and West; spies are tortured, because the government fears for the state security.

All crimes, wars and transgressions, have their origin in fear and in the search for security.

Samael Aun Weor. Fundamental Education