What is the Intuition and how to develop it?

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Let’s continue with the subject of “THE INTUITION.”

What does Intuition mean? I am going to tell you. The intuition gives the faculty of knowing without the necessity of the process of reason. Example: this is white because that is black, etc.

   In the intuition we work with the heart, the small chakra of the heart gives us the precious faculty of the intuition. The Mantra for the development of the intuition is the holy “OM”. That syllable is pronounced thus:



   As you see “O” is a very essential letter of the centre of the heart. Well, now I am going to teach mantras that correspond to the heart. Let us begin with the vowel “O”. Inhaled deeply the oxygen by the nose and then exhale slowly articulating the letter “O”.


   Vocalize intensively brothers, vocalize, so that you obtain the intuitive faculty. You can combine “O” with “N”:


   In this way, you will give the vowel “O” a special sound; like a bell. That is the virtue of the “N”, to give certain special sound to the vowels.
Know that imagination, prayer, meditation, and contemplation, are the ways that take us to the intuition; do not get tired of vocalizing.

Samael Aun Weor. Lecture: The Power of the Mantras