How can we establish a Permanent Center of Gravity within?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

The time has come for us to understand the necessity of produce inside us a radical and definitive change with the purpose of establishing a Permanent Center of Gravity, an stable center of conscience. Only in this way we get to be individualized, only in this way we stop being legion, only in this way we become conscious individuals.

The modern man is like a ship full of many passengers, each passenger has its own plans and projects, the modern man has not just one mind, he has many minds; each I has its mind.

Fortunately inside the human biped there is something else, there is the Buddhata, the interior buddhic principle, the essence.

Thinking seriously about the said buddhic principle we can conclude that this is the psychic material with which we can form our soul.
It's not an exaggeration to say that  with this intimate buddhist principle we can create Soul.

By awakening the Buddhata we create Soul; to awaken the Buddhata is to awaken Consciousness.

To awaken Consciousness is equivalent to create inside us a Permanent Center of Consciousness. Only he who awaken consciousness becomes an individual, but the individual is not the end, later we have to arrive to the over-individuality.

We need to get rid of the I to get individualized, we need to dissolve the I to have a Permanent Center of Consciousness.

The pluralized I clumsily wastes the psychic material in atomic explosions of anger, covetousness, lust, envy, pride, idleness, gluttony, etc.
Once the I is dead, the psychic material accumulates  inside us turning into a Permanent Center of Consciousness.

Nowadays the human being, or better said: the biped that names himself human, really is a machine controlled by the legion of the I.
A machine without any sense of moral responsibility, without continuity of purposes, without real existence.

Let's observe the tragedy of lovers, how many oaths! how many tears! how many good intentions! So what? Only the sad memory remains from all that: they get married, times goes by, the man falls in love with another woman or the wife falls in love with another man and the house of cards falls in the floor. Why? It's clear! Because the human being has no Permanent Center of Gravity yet.

The little I that today swears eternal love is displaced by another little I that has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with such oath; that's all.
We need to become individuals and that is only possible by creating a permanent center of Consciousness.

We need to create the Permanent Center of Consciousness and this is only possible by dissolving the pluralized I.

Samael Aun Weor. Book: The Social Christ.