It would be possible for the world to leave the crisis behind with the suggestions of the politicians?

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The MIND-HEART OF THE INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL mistakenly called "man" is full of vain theories and mental suppositions that can lead us to nothing good.

The modern intellectuals want to make a new world according to the fanciful model that they have fabricated in their mind.

The political leaders make amazing promises to the suffering and hungry crowds in order to win power, and once they have satisfied their ambitions, they laugh at the poor idiotic nation.

The world is in crisis and has wars and rumors of wars, promises and mockeries, executions by shooting and political games that are fought by everyone everywhere.

It is absurd to suppose that we can get out of this social chaos with all its fights and destitutions, if individually we do not resolve ourselves factually to a radical and definitive change.

The strikes at the state and the bloody dictatorships are useless, these revolutions of blood and liquor.

If really we want an absolute radical change, we need to first change very individually.

What we are like individually, so is the world. Really the world is the individual because the world is the sum of individuals. The problem of the World is the same as the problem of each individual.

If the individual does not change internally, neither will the world change even though many mean to change it on the basis of extremist doctrines, bloody revolutions, abominable dictatorships, etc.

If we carefully study our intimate problems, we have to reach the logical conclusion that no leader can resolve those problems for us.

What I am, so is in fact the party, the group of people, the family, the society, the country.

Samael Aun Weor. The Social Christ.