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Testimonies of Atlantis


Simply put, we can say that the legendary Greek Atlas is a faithful copy of the heroic Maya or Aztec ATLANTEOTL.

l if a refined intellect delicately removed the ending “otl” from the seductive name cited above, the result would be the word ATLANTE

From this explanation, we will only add that this is not a matter of hollow empirical etymologies randomly chosen. It is neither a mere coincidence, as learned ignoramuses usually suppose.

These are extraordinary and genuine linguistic accords that can only be explained thanks to the Atlantean roots common to all American and Mediterranean-Semite peoples.

Both of these have their origins in the enchanted land of OLISIS or Atlantis, which is now sunk below the dark sea, the tenebrous domain of horrifying legends, frightful shipwrecks and travels from which no one returns....

You, vast sea, that in Gibraltar Beyond Hercules’ columns, the infinite tides you tempestuously spread your mysteries, to the navigators forbidden are!

Tragic legend fills your space with the collective power of all generations who have known you And the poet listens In the voices of your great tides the rumours of your tragedies and the cracking sounds of your interred worlds!

Atlantis! That vast and now disappeared continent was a poet’s envision. The creation of the initiate Plato’s divine mind indeed existed.

"The intuition of the poet is the genius’ vision". Whoever denies it cannot see with its immense power....

" The sages are great only when they are poets", when overcoming details, they feel the harmony that beats in the depths of existence, and which can take us to superior spheres....

This is how the author of the Metamorphoses of The Plants could write his Faust; Philogenia’s author could spread his creed; Humboldt create his Cosmos; divine Plato his Timeas and Critias; and Poe his Eureka. All of these are poets of the Universal Life, which is merely the breath of the Occult....

“Do you see that sea that spreads from pole to pole?”, asks his master to Christopher Columbus. “At one time it was the garden of the Hesperides. The Atlantic still throws its relics, frightfully roaring like a monster in the killing field....”

Here, the Titans fight; there, crowded cities flourish. Now, sea beasts populate the marble temples, and the valleys where the sheep grazed, are dressed in algae.

H.P.B. in the anthropological stanzas numbers 10, 11, 12, literally says:

Bogia Codex

"Thus two by two, on the seven zones, the third (race) gave birth to the fourth (race of men). The gods became no-gods. Sura (perfect) became a-Sura (sinners). The first (race) on every zone was moon-coloured (yellow-white); the second, yellow, like gold; the third, red; the fourth, brown, which became black with sin. The first seven (human) shoots were all of one complexion in the beginning. The next (seven, the subraces) began mixing their colours". "Then the third and fourth (races) became tall with pride. ‘We are the kings, we are the gods.’

They took wives fair to look at. Wives from the ‘mindless,’ the narrow-headed. They bred monsters, wicked demons, male and female. Also Khado (Dakini) with little minds. They built temples for the human body. They worshipped male and female. Then the third eye acted no longer. (The eye of intuition and double sight.) They (the Lemurians) built huge cities.... they cut their own images, in their size and likeness, and worshipped them".

"...Internal fires had destroyed the land of their fathers (the Lemurians). Water threatened the fourth (race) (Atlantis). The first great waters came. They swallowed the seven great islands. All holy saved; the unholy destroyed.... "

"Few (men) remained. Some yellow, some brown and black, and some red remained. The moon coloured (THE TUATHA) were gone forever.... The fifth race (the people who currently populate the earth, including the Mayas, Incas, Quiches, Toltecs, Nahuas, Aztecs, of pre Columbian America) produced from the Holy Stock (the chosen people saved from the waters) remained, and it was ruled by the first divine kings".

"The “Serpents” (Dragons of Wisdom or Rishis) who re-descended, made peace with the fifth (race), and taught and instructed it..."

... Besides such extraordinary similarities, if we truly want more evidence, let us appeal to philology. Evidently, the Peruvian Viracocha is the very same Viraj, the divine male, kabir or Logos of the Hindus, or Inca, which, when written backwards, can be read “Cain” (Priest-King).

The countless connections that the doctrine and history of the first Incas have with the Oriental initiation should not surprise us.

The great Italian historian, César Cantü wisely links the first Incas with some Mongol tribes or ancient SHAMANS. This means that the unexpected appearance of the Northern Manu or Manco Capac and his noble companion Coya or laco, was by means of a miraculous event, wisely noted by H.P.B. It is the theurgical phenomenon of those pure beings or shamans who lend their physical bodies to genii of the suprasensible worlds, with the purpose of helping humanity. We must not confuse this marvel with spiritualism
or mediumism.

The ineffable Chinese Tao is the same Latin Deus, the French Dieu, the Greek Theos, the Spanish Dios, and also the Aztec Nahuatl or Nahuatl TEOTL. The Latin pater is ostensibly the same English Pather, the German Vater, the Swedish Fader, the Spanish Padre, and finally, the Amerind pa or ha. The sweet Latin mater is undoubtedly, the same Russian Math, the French Mere, the English Mother, the noble Spanish Madre and the Mayan or Quechua Na or Maya.

These are extraordinary linguistic similarities, which indicate more than simple coincidence or mere ostentation. By reaching these heights of etymology, soul of history, and one of the most powerful tools of Gnosis, it is useful to remember that famous phrase of the ritualistic Mayan language: “HELI, LAMA ZABAC TANI.” The four evangelists interpreted it in four different esoteric ways.

The great kabir Jesus pronounced such a phrase in an extraordinary way on top of the majestic Calvary. Its meaning in Mayan language is: “I now merge in the pre dawn of your presence.” It has been demonstrated that the great hierophant Jesus learned the Naga and Mayan in Oriental Tibet.

In the sacred Lhasa monastery in Tibet, there is a book that textually says: “Jesus became the most proficient master ever on earth.”

A wise writer has said: "It has been historically established that the science-religion Christ learned in Egypt, India and Tibet was Maya. A profound Maya occultism existed and Christ undoubtedly knew it; he elected his (Mayan) symbols as a base for his ideas of fertilising love".

"It cannot be supposed a coincidence that he chose the Mayan cross, the Trinity, the twelve apostles, and many other symbols to be the foundation of the great religious and scientific significance of his preachings". Ostensibly, the Atlantean Mayas brought their religion to Mesoamerica. They colonised Tibet, Babylonia, Greece, India, and so on. The great kabir Jesus’ ritualistic language was Mayan.

This can only be acceptably explained by means of the common Atlantean roots of the American and Mediterranean- Semite peoples. The Anahuac tribes, as well as other Amerind tribes, came from Atlantis, and never from the North as learned Ignoramuses usually suppose.

Those rustic people emphasise the idea that Amerind tribes came from the Asian continent, through the famous Bering Strait. They are absolutely mistaken because neither in Alaska nor in the cited strait is there the smallest remnants of human activity.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt fron the Book: The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac