What's the current state of our thoughts, our mind and our reason?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Human reason is not capable anymore of thinking spontaneously, it is degenerated and it just repeat as a parrot or a chatterbox, all it has stored in the warehouse of memory.

When someone challenge us we immediately respond with what we have stored in memory, but if this fails, we are lost because we are not capable of answering anymore.

Memory is more like a sepulcher of ideas, remembrances, theories, etc.

Thinking is the fatuous flame that comes out from that sepulcher.

Modern Society believes itself so advanced but it really is stagnant.

The Reformers jus move and remove the black waters of the well, Reformers doesn't like the new waters.

The False Education that receive the children, the decadent and even perverse art, the evil example of the elders, etc. have made of every modern citizen a super civilized  know-it-all that that causes laughs.

All the human beings are relating to each other in a mutual way and from this inter-relationship results the Society, if the individual get stagnant and corrupted, it is clear that society will get stagnant and corrupted.

The Reformers want to modify what it's corrupted, rotten, the reform is the modified continuation of the error.

We need a SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION, a Radical transformation is urgent, Total and definitive.

The fundamental cause of the individual and social stagnant is in the mind.

We are rancid, clumsy, stubborn, because we live every hour reasoning stupidities that seem great to us, and foolishness that have no sense, we believe ourselves very wise because we are comparing, judging, calculating, weighing up, etc., etc., etc., all the time.

I we really want to TOTALLY TRANSFORM US  we need to exhaust the process of thinking, not elaborating, not projecting any longer, to get to the calm and total silence of the mind.

If we really want to get out of these stupid troubles of the mind, we need TO LOVE only the TRUE LOVE can transform us radically.

The Substance of LOVE produces permanent REVOLUTIONÑ the Substance of LOVE originates Radical changes.

LOVE is not a product of the unfaithful memory, LOVE can never be the product of the MECHANICAL REASONING.


Nor the hatred, nor the REVOLUTIONS OF BLOOD AND LIQUOR could ever produce SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION.

No Social Reformer could ever make a better world only the fire of love can burn the social putrefaction and make a better world.

We need the conflagration of LOVE to Transform the World, we need the Fire of LOVE to illuminate the society.

The cold, insipid, complicated codes change nothing, they transform nothing.

The best social projects, all the best political principles are useless if they are not written with the fire of LOVE.

The True REVOLUTION is the result of the TRANSFORMATION, only the storms of love can transform the individual and the society.

Chapter 1 Transformation and Reforms. The Social Transformation of the Humanity. Samael Aun Weor