"The Lion of the Law can be defeated with the scale."

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Anubis Tarot 5

1.- My friends, a law exists that it is called Karma; this means in itself "Cause and Effect," "Action and Consequence."

You should understand what it is the Law of Compensation; all that is done is necessary to pay it, because cause without effect doesn't exist neither effect without cause.

We have been given freedom, free will and we can do what we want, but it is clear that we have to respond in the face of God for all our acts.

"Not only Karma pay for the wrong that is made, but for the good that could be made but is not actually done."

When one comes to this world one brings their own destination; some are born in mattress of feathers and others in misfortune.

If in our past existence we killed, they now kill us; if we hurt, they now hurt us; if we stole, they now steal from us, and "with the stick with which we have measured others we are now measured."

However, it is possible modify our own destination, because when "an inferior law is transcended for a superior law, the superior law washes out the inferior law."

"The Lion of the Law can be defeated with the scale." If we on a plate of the scale put our good works and on the other put the bad deeds, both plates will weigh equal or there will be a lack of balance.

If the plate of the bad actions weighs more, we should put good works in the plate of the good actions with the purpose of inclining the scale to our favor; so we cancel Karma. "Do good actions so that you pay your debts"; remember that one does not only pay with pain; also one could pay by performing good deeds.

Many people that suffer only remember their bitterness, wanting to remedy them, but they don't remember the other people's sufferings, neither of them think ever of remedying the necessities of the neighbor.

book of the DeathThis selfish state of their existence has no use whatsoever; so the only thing that they really get is to increase their sufferings.

If such people think of other people in serving their fellow man, in feeding the hungry, in giving a drink to the thirsty, in dressing the nude, in teaching the one that doesn't know, etc., etc., etc., it is clear that they would put good actions in the plate of the cosmic scale in order to incline it in their favor; they would so alter their destiny and luck would come in their favor.

That is, their necessities would be taken care of; but people are very selfish and for that reason they suffer; nobody remembers God or their fellow man but when they are in desperation, and this is something that everybody have verified by themselves; so is humanity.

Samael Aun Weor. Looking at the Mystery.