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Why were there labyrinths in the ancient schools of Mysteries?

Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


On the floor of the cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris there is a drawing labyrinth; let us remember the labyrinth of Crete, on the center of it, it was the Minotaur. It is said that Theseus could orientate himself through that labyrinth and to find the Minotaur, afterwards, in a hand to hand fight he defeated him. He could get out of that labyrinth with the help of the Ariadne's thread, which leaded him to the final liberation.

It is interesting to know that on the floor of the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Paris a marvelous labyrinth was sketched; undoubtedly, all of this is something that invites us to reflect.

To orientate ourselves is not something easy, the labyrinth of the theories is bitterer than death itself. Meanwhile some authors say that the respiratory exercises are extraordinary, others say that are harmful; meanwhile some affirm something, others say something else. Each school believes having the truth; therefore, the labyrinth is very difficult.

When one reaches the labyrinth, one has to fight hand to hand with the Cretan Minotaur, that is to say, with our own Ego, with the "I," with the myself, with the oneself; one is capable to get out of this labyrinth with the help of the Ariadne's thread that has to lead us to the light. However, almost everybody get lost among the labyrinth of so many theories, schools and confusions.

What can we do in order to orientate ourselves? Obviously, we have to be interested in the awakening of the Consciousness, only in this form we will be able to walk successfully inside of that mysterious labyrinth. However, meanwhile we do not awake, we will remain confused.

Samael Aun Weor. The Awakening of the Consciousness.