How do the bad taxes affect us?

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Every government need the taxes to be supported. The people have to cooperate with taxes to support the government.
No government could exist without taxes, it would be impossible to make public works without taxes.

The governments need the cooperation of all the citizens to realize all its programs of action, but we have to realize that there are fair taxes and unfair taxes.

It's unfair to take the money from the pockets of the workers to maintain the bureaucratic laze that benefits the riches.

The riches of all the countries of Latin-America are related in a way or another with the monopolies of the major world powers.

These powers totally dominate the mining, cotton, coffee, woods, sugar, fruits, oil, etc., etc.

It's also known that the riches often dominates indirectly through investments, debenture loans, credits, purchase of securities and shares, industry of transformation, land, air and sea  transportation, societies of insurance, etc.

The foreign millionaires get extraordinary benefits from the companies from the states that govern the under-developed countries.

The capital if the governments in question of interest always guarantee the huge interest of the loans, payment of certificates of shares or bonds that issued by the companies of the government, in favor of the powerful foreign millionaires.

The great powers totally control the whole economic life of the under-developed countries.

The riches enslave the poor workers and exploit them in a miserably way with the total support of the governments sold to the foreign powers.

Samael Aun Weor, The Social Christ.