How does it affect us the pay rise?

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The pay rise immediately brings joy to many inexperienced workers. The pay rise is another trick of the capitalism, a trick to cheat the poor workers.

Every person with experience knows very well that when the pay rise the life goes more expensive; the milk rises, e meat rises, the pan rises, the means of transportation rises, etc., etc., etc.

It's really useless the pay rise if the life gets more expensive, but the naive workers get more pleased, the innocent is innocent and he only stops being innocent when he sees himself disappointed.

The most serious thing of this trick of the pay rise is harmful for the people in general, because those workers who work for particular companies, or the small independent tradesmen, just as the persons in general who don't work with the government, have to suffer the consequences of the high cost of living

Commonly the pay raise is just for the bureaucrats; it's clear that the parasitic hive gets happier while the people in general has to suffer the high cost of living, it's rare when the pay rise gets improved, and the worst thing is that the companies not even accept the minimum wage and the regular thing is that they pay what they want to the starving and needy worker.

If the governments want to improve the workers life they, let the minimum wage be improved. Let all the workers be better paid and not only those of the bureaucratic machinery.

It's urgent to improve the wages of all the workers that live in all the free countries, but controlling the market prices to prevent the higher cost of living.

It's necessary to end the trick of the pay aise, if they really want to improve the life of the workers, let them be really paid better but don't cheat them. It's unfair to cheat the workers, they don't deserve to be cheated.

Samael Aun Weor, The Social Christ.