What is the relationship between the life Insurance and the three types of acts?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Any analysis over the life and death of man takes us to the logical conclusion that the Social Security is a vital necessity.
Any man and any woman are exposed always to the sickness and dead.

There are three types of acts in the world: 1st, Acts born from destiny. 2nd, Acts born from the conscious will. 3rd, Acts related with the Law of Accidents.

In the relative state of comprehension in which the human being currently lives, the Social Security is a necessity because few are the ones that can determine circumstances born from the conscious will.

The Intellectual Animal known as tri-brained biped, is wrongly named man. Really, the tri-centered biped is not capable of doing nothing; he only is victim of the circumstances, he is subdue to two laws: 1st Law of Destiny and 2nd Law of Accidents.

People blames the law of Destiny for everything when in reality the crazy unconscious tri-brained machines are very specially subdued to the law of accidents.

The humanity as a whole is a Nature's organ, this organ picks up certain types of cosmic waves, that later transforms and adapts to the vital necessities of the planetary organism.

Every human biped is a cell of the transformative organ of cosmic waves.

The fate of the planet Earth if the humanity stops existing would be the same of a man which liver or heart is extracted.

Any cosmic catastrophe, any planetary event affect over the biped machines throwing them into war. The most serious thing is that the human bipeds think they do when in reality they are not capable of doing anything; everything happens to them.

It is impossible to predict the future of a crazy machine subdued to the law of accidents and therefore we consider that the social security is indispensable.

Every worker needs the Social Security, really the social security should not be a privilege for a few lucky ones. The man of the plough and the bureaucracy, the newspaper seller and the humble counter employee, the soldier and the waiter, the beggar and president of the Republic, we all need the social security.


Samael Aun Weor. Book: The Social Christ.