Which one is the older, the Earth or the Moon?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

There are two contradictory theories in relationship with the lunar satellite. The first asserts in an emphatic way that the Moon is a piece of the Earth thrown to the space. There are several pseudo-esoteric authors that recommend such theory. It is assured that some millions of years ago when the Condor comet crashed with our planet Earth, two fragments of this new planet were thrown away into the space, those are the two moons; it is true that people believes that we have a Moon, in reality we have two Moons, the other one is so small that is only perceived through a telescope as a grain of lentil, but it has a few kilometers, it's pretty far from our world, it is called Lilith and it turns around our world, it's the Black Moon. But we are not going to talk about Lilith, it's necessary for us to take care of this satellite that illuminate us during the night because it's intimately related with the intimate psychology of every one of us.

In the name of the Truth we have to say that our satellite is older than our very world Earth, and it was thus demonstrated with the carbon 14 tests. The pebbles brought from the Moon by the astronauts has been examined thoroughly and this thesis was definitively explained. The oriental world asserts in an emphatic way that the Moon is the mother of the Earth, there are two opinions about this satellite and we got to unravel its mystery. Is it a piece of Earth thrown to the space? So it's asserted by many pseudo-esoteric and even famous esoterics. Is it older that the Earth? So it is asserted by the oriental world. Which one of the two thesis would be exact? The facts would have to talk.

Certain author whose name I won't mention (because we don't have to criticize anybody) dared to say that the moon is a planet that is being born , that is in process of formation and that is sucking up the Earth, that it lives of the Earth; but the eastern says that it's the Earth the one who is sucking the moon. Who is right? Let's refer to the facts: the astronauts have been at the moon, you know that, nobody denies that, photographs have been taken and there is nothing proving that the Moon is sucking up the Earth, if it would be sucking the Earth up, then there would it be life in the Moon and it happens that it seems like a billiards ball, extinct volcanoes, water-less seas, sand and more sand; pebbles and more pebbles, huge rocks and no vegetal or animal life; then the facts are proving that it isn't sucking the Earth up, instead the Earth is sucking the Moon up even though there is nothing less to suck; the Earth has  a rich mineral, vegetal and human life, this means that it absorbed the life from the Moon. If it were the Moon sucking the Earth up, it would have life, but it is completely dead.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the lecture: The Mystery of the Moon