What are the dangers of the positive system to strengthen the “I”?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

There are people dedicated to Spiritual teachings who overnight suppress the ambition violently, these type of suppression, this kind of repression of the ambition, it’s clearly another form of ambition that fortifies the I with negative procedures.

There are certain schools that teach positive systems to fortify the “I”.

We knew the case of one of those schools that teaches its students special phrases that should be pronounced daily, those poor student pronounced phrases like the followings: “I AM RICH”, “I HAVE A LOT OF MONEY”, “I AM POWERFUL”, “I AM STRONG”, etc., and the poor women no matter they may be old, sick and ugly exclaimed filled with fanaticism: “I AM BEAUTIFUL”, “I AM HEALTHY”, I AM RICH”.

The I is always evil, sometimes presumes of being Saint and makes  charity, bequeath its heritage before dying to a charity hospital, or to its Sect or Religion or School to which he belonged, with the ambition of gaining heaven or having people making an statue of him.

Many people covet evolving quickly to free themselves of this world’s misery.

Many covet not being choleric, not coveting, being chaste, humble, diligent, temperate, measured when eating, virtuous, etc. to achieve sanctity.

The “I” loves dressing like a Saint and being venerated and being put in altars.

 Ambition is pretty paradoxical, if we repress it, it gets stronger and if we don’t repress it, it gets stronger.

Anything we may do to end ambition it’s also ambition.

Ambition is a very deep well and if we want to end it we need to act as a diver and plunge into the waters of the well.

The well of ambition has in the bottom many shades and caverns and furious animals, and figures of Saints and faces of Demos.

The Diver of COMPREHENSION should explore pretty well all those depths.

When we really understand in deep and in a clear and specific way that we are AMBITIOUS and that any effort we do to end AMBITION is also AMBITION, then we UNDERSTAND very profoundly the meaning of AMBITION and we resign ourselves.

There are resignations and resignations, but this kind of resignation born from the profound comprehension brings a radical change to the mind because it extinguishes forever the fatuous fire of AMBITION.

Samael Aun Weor.

Excerpt from the book: Social Transformation of the Humanity, Chapter 50: The Ambition.