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Can we change our destiny?

Answer from Master Samael Aun Weor.

Predestination exists in such a way that if he steals, he will be robbed, if he kills, they will kill him, etc., with the rod that we measure, we will be measured, by law of recurrence, each one is born with his own destiny, but also each one can worsen it or improve it; it worsens if, in addition to having karma, he continues to do evil and stops doing good, being able to do it; suffering increases if, in addition, it develops a proud, spiteful, vengeful, intolerant personality.

Fate can be modified for the better, doing many works of charity, dedicating oneself to good, practicing works of mercy, because when a lower law is transcended by a higher law, the higher law washes out the lower law, this is how destiny, with each action it’s modified. It is there where free will changes the course of destiny.

For example, if someone is assaulted, they have a few seconds to decide, if they decide to hit and even kill, they could end up in jail, but if they decide to control their emotions, their destiny is different. In front of a drug invitation, each one decides whether to take it or reject it and their fate depends on their decision. The teenager may be tempted to have sex, and her decision at that time will alter her destiny.

The mistake is to think that you only have this life (ignoring the law of return) and ignore the mysteries of death, but ignorance of the law does not exempt its fulfillment. When a baby dies at birth, it seems a merciless fact, and yet it is the hard lesson for parents, who were cruel to their children in the previous life and with that suffering they improve, they learn to love.

The Wisdom of Being Magazine 86, Cap. The Law of Destiny.