What is the difference between Spirit and Soul?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

**Beyond the Death:

8.- It’s the same Soul and Spirit?

R.- A Spirit is himself, a Soul is owned. So they’re different.

**The Book of the Dead.

In fact, the object of the automatic repetition of events is to make us aware of our own errors; that is the law. Unfortunately we can do nothing. Everything is repeated at the correct time, just as the hands of the clock go round. To change external circumstances we have to change internally by forming Soul and Spirit, that is to say processing BEING. Only the BEING can create.

Only the BEING can change all things. Whoever wants to possess BEING has to transmute his sexual, emotional, mental, passionate, motor, sentimental, etc. energies.

We have to transmute the Base Metals, that is to say, our defects, into the purest Gold of the Spirit. Only in this way will we possess Soul and Spirit. The PLURALIZED EGO has to die.

It is urgent that the BEING be born within us. Life in the cellular world is a tremendous repetition of events and we can only liberate ourselves from this tragic wheel of fate by dissolving the EGO on the basis of supreme Understanding and SANCTITY and by forming SOUL and SPIRIT. It is a horrible vicious circle; the Wheel of SAMSARA.

**The Dialectic’s Revolution

When a defect is integrally comprehended in all the levels of the mind, then the defect disintegrates, upon disintegrating and reducing to cosmic dust the I which characterizes it.

This is how we keep on dying from instant to instant. This is how we keep establishing in ourselves a permanent center of consciousness, a center of permanent gravity.

Within every human being who is not in the final state of degeneration, exists the

Buddhata, the interior Buddhist Principle, the psychic material or ‘materia prima’ to fabricate that which is called Soul.


Fortunately, within the human biped exists something else, the Essence. Reflecting seriously on said principle, we can conclude that this is the most elevated psychic material with which we can give shape to our Soul.

By awakening the Essence we create a Soul to awaken the Essence is to awaken Consciousness. To awaken consciousness is equivalent to creating within us a PCC. Only the one who awakens consciousness becomes an individual, however, the individual is not the end; later, we have to reach super- individuality.



The Spirit is the Being, the Father who is in secret within every human being.
Soul: is the set of virtues, gifts, faculties, laws, etc. that we should have.