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Why is it necessary to know our spiritual level?

Answer from the V.M. Samael Aun Weor.

We must long for a real change; we must get out of this boring routine, out of this purely mechanical and wearied life.

What we must first clearly understand is that each one of us is at one Level of Being or another.

The Level of Being of the drunkard is different from that of the abstemious, and the Level of Being of the prostitute is different from that of the virgin. What we are stating here is indisputable, irrefutable.

Advancing on the theme of this chapter, it is not irrelevant if we imagine the numerous rungs of a ladder, which extends itself upwards, vertically.

Unquestionably, we find ourselves on any one of these rungs. On the lower rungs will be people worse than us, and on the higher rungs persons better than us will be found.

On this extraordinary Vertical, on this Marvelous Ladder, it is clear that we can find all the Levels of Being. Each person is different; this is something that no one can dispute.

What counts is the Level of Being, and this is Vertical. We are on a rung, but we can climb to another rung.

The “Marvelous Ladder” of which we are talking about and which concerns the different Levels of Being certainly has nothing to do with linear time.

Samael Aun Weor. Excerpt from the book: Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology.