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What's the difference between an Astral Projection and the Jinas State?

Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

1.- What's the unfolding (astral projection)?

Ans.- Do you really ignores what's the unfolding? I understand very good, young lady, that your question is sincere. The unfolding is pretty simple and straightforward; it's a very natural phenomena like eating, drinking, etc., etc.
It's clear that when the physical body is falling asleep, the soul gets out of it  and travel everywhere; when the soul comes back, when getting inside its body, most of the times it remembers the places where it has been, the persons it spoke with, etc. and all of this is called dreams, such is really the unfolding.

2.- This can only be done in dreams or also at will?

A.- In any case we need the sleepiness to be able to unfold even at will.

3.- Isn't the unfolding dangerous?

A.- It seems to me that becoming aware of your own natural phenomena can ever be dangerous; one must be conscious of the food that one eats, of what one drinks, the state of his health and also the process of the unfolding that happens in every living creature.

Samael Aun Weor. Beyond the Death.

The human body is, therefore, a crystallized mental form, and the whole SECRET OF THE JINAS is nothing else than knowing how to act over the physical human body through the will. If we accept that it's a form of the mind, a crystallized form according to the law of Octaves, we are in the right path to act over the physical body and to place it into the Unknown Dimension... Is it possible this? Yes, it is possible; all what one needs is imagination and will, united in vibrant harmony; through that path we will get to the path of the Triumph...

Samael Aun Weor. The Lost Paradise.