Why does Gnosis consider an absurd that a zodiacal sign is not compatible with others?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor


It is written with lit embers in the Book of Life that everyone who achieves the total elimination of the ego can get to change his sign and its influences at will.

In the name of truth, I have to declare that the One who is within me has changed signs at will. The sign of my ex-personality was Pisces, but now I am of Aquarius, a terribly revolutionary sign!

We cannot deny that the influences of the signs exist and manipulate us as long as the psychological revolution has not been carried out within us. But in the path of every student who aspires to enlightenment, one should begin by revolutionizing oneself against what the horoscopes establish.

That matter of one sign not being compatible with another sign is totally absurd, because what is not compatible are the egos, those undesirable elements which we carry within.

The Astrology of these times of the end is not good for anything because it is pure business. The authentic Astrology of the Chaldean sages has already been forgotten.

People - machines do not want to change because they say: “That is my sign, that is my zodiacal influence!”, etc. I will never get tired of emphasizing that what is important is to change emotionally and mentally.

One needs to change mentally in order for the authentic zodiacal forces which emanate from the Being, from the Milky Way, that will give us a permanent center of gravity, to penetrate and become manifest in us.

We must not seek the Light in horoscopes, the Light surges forth when we have eliminated from ourselves the Particular Psychological Characteristic Trait and when we have created a new flask —the mind—, to pour into it the teachings of Psycho- Astrology which I have taught in my work Zodiacal Course.

The Being and the Divine Mother are the only ones that can emancipate us from newspaper and cheap magazine horoscopes, thus giving us integral education.

We have to shake off the dust of the centuries from ourselves and eliminate all our rancid customs and beliefs and leave astrological fanaticism. That “It is my zodiacal influence and what remedy does it have?”, is such a subjective manner of thinking which is a sophism of distraction of the ego.

Samael Aun Weor. The Revolution of the Dialectic.