What does the Society need for the work to become fertile and creative?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

When the workers' social bonds are based upon true friendship and in the sincerity of the heart, the work become fertile and creative.

No bond based upon materialistic theories could give the worker true friendship and the sincerity of the heart.

The substance of sincerity it's something so psychic because so far it hasn't been possible to invent a "sincere-meter".

Any group of workers who happen to friends and sincere can associate for the joyful, fertile and creative work.

It is foolish wanting to turn the man into a production/consumption machine and no more; let them not abuse anymore of the poor workers; certainly the workers need a way of living, but that's not all.

We must live freely, it's necessary to eat so we can live, but it's not necessary to live for eating.

The workers not only needs love, he also has necessities that the materialistic theories cannot satisfy; intimate necessities, spiritual necessities, necessities of improving oneself.

Let them not abuse! Let the workers freedom be really respected. Nobody should look for lock them up into the vicious circle of material work.

The worker needs to think another thing, in something that is not the material routine work, the worker needs the religion and healthy distractions to rest from the daily work.

The type of social bonds is relate with the production, and the more spiritual those bonds may be, the more joy will be in the hearts and more fertile the production will be.

The Social Christ. Chapter 55: Association and Production. Samael Aun Weor.