What area of land needs a family to live in a balanced way?

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The act of parcelling out of the land should be based on its quality; any family needs at least 12 hectares when the lands are really fertile.
It's necessary for the governments to proceed vigorously without any consideration parcelling out the land that many landowners are hoarding and that don't make the land produce nor let others to produce.

The rich landowners often ride roughshod the poor farmers to take them out their lands bathed with the sweat of their foreheads, many times the rulers are bribed to support the rich landowners.

To parcel out the lands increases the national farming production.

The parcelled lands become living inexhaustible sources of national wealth when they are properly exploited.

It becomes necessary for the workers to make unions and get properly organized to fight for their rights.

The farmers call the shots and as they are the ones that feed the cities and towns, they have the right to demand and punish with the system of strikes that consist in no bringing food to the people.

Samael Aun Weor, The Social Christ.