What is the Dark House of Xibalba?

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Answers from the books of Samael Aun Weor

Darkness is unconsciousness; light is consciousness; we must allow light to penetrate our own darkness; obviously light has power to defeat darkness. Unfortunately, people are self-incarcerated in the fetid and filthy environment of their own mind, adoring their beloved Ego.
People do not want to realize that they are not masters of their own life. Certainly, each person is controlled from within by many other persons. I want to refer emphatically to all that multiplicity of "I"s that we carry within. Ostensibly, each one of those "I"s puts in our mind what we must think, in our mouth what we must say, in our heart what we must feel, etc.
Under such conditions, human personality is just a robot governed by different people who dispute for supremacy and who aspire to the supreme control of the organic machine's capital centers.
In the name of truth, we have to affirm solemnly that the poor intellectual animal mistakenly called man, though believing himself very balanced, lives in complete psychological unbalance. The intellectual mammal is by no means unilateral, if he was so he would be balanced.
The intellectual mammal is regrettably multilateral and this has been demonstrated over and over again.
Samael Aun Weor. The great Rebellion

And one of the systems used most often is the House of Darkness; there is only darkness in that house, and absolutely no light. The light is Gnosis, it is wisdom, the keys to achieve self-realization; the systems that aid us in self-knowledge. The vast majority of the people who live in this world are not interested in these teachings; they reject them as soon as they appear too harsh or too difficult.

And defects take advantage of this to offer us of a false light. The 'ocote' is a resinous wood that lights up fast and just as fast, burns out. It provides a short-lived light, symbol of the many false teachings that exist today: of false schools that have no solid foundation and offer a superficial teaching that does not educate on how to disintegrate our defects. These schools do not teach how to transmute our energy and they are not interested in the disinterested service for humanity.
Answer from the book: The Secret Teaching of the Popol Vuh